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Hard-copy documents might be the norm- but the more documents you accumulate, the more problems they create over time. A Washington DC paperless office can really help you organize your documents better.

Go Paperless in Washington DCWouldn't it be nice to free up that expensive office space for a more useful purpose? Paperless offices improve productivity and document management processes, but the conversion process might create some issues in itself.

Professional document scanning services like Washington DC Document Scanning and Imaging can convert paper records into digital files, giving you more control and access to your files whenever and wherever you need them. Let us help avoid some of the pitfalls associated with the transition from a hard-copy document management system to an electronic document management system.

This checklist will help you figure out if going paperless makes sense. There's a lot more to document conversion than just scanning your documents- it's a change in culture and the way you handle your entire flow of paperwork through the office.

Going Paperless? Answer these Questions First

The experts at Washington DC Document Scanning and Imaging want to make sure you make well-informed decisions about your transition to a paperless office. A little bit of research can save you time and money- and help you pick the document management company for your scanning project.

Is hiring a DC document scanning service an effective solution for you?

Think about all the things you need to make your system paperless- there's lots of costs to think about, from offsite document storage, required upgrades, ongoing costs for scanning, and other ways to make the system functional. You also have to consider how many documents you want to convert- the more documents you have, the more your project will cost.

Will your new system be easy to use, and will your employees find it easier to use digitized documents?

Go digital in Washington DC!
Eliminate the need to figure out which document is most current- implement version control and indexing to make documents easier to find and eliminate the chance of an older version ending up in the wrong hands.

Are your confidential files and documents that contain personal or critical business information secure?

Low tech hacks where corporate spies copy or steal paper documents is a lot more common than you might think. If you're concerned about data breaches, an electronic document management system can be one of the most reliable systems for your office- if you take the proper precautions.

How much productivity do you lose shuffling through stacks of paper?

Electronic documents eliminate this wasted time and optimize the document flow in your office. A paperless office makes finding documents easy- and there's no longer a need to ensure that the correct paper document is in the right place.

Do you spend money on paper, postage, ink and other supplies each month?

Every time you send an email, you'll eliminate the cost and time it takes to print, mail or distribute a hard-copy document. Add up and annualize these costs- our guess is it's a good chunk of the initial costs of implementing a paperless office.

If you can answer all these questions with confidence, then you're ready to go paperless! If you have questions, or want more information, give us a call at (202) 540-9073 or fill out the form to the left.

The cost of document scanning is minimal to the time and space you'll save your business year over year. Let Washington DC Document Scanning and Imaging help you make the transition today!

Ready to Make the Change to a Paperless Office? Washington DC Document Scanning and Imaging Can Help!

Let a professional, secure, local document scanning service make your hassle-free. Washington DC Document Scanning and Imaging can handle all of the indexing, scanning, and post production work required to transition your office into a digital, paperless environment. We can even help you convert text via optical character recognition (OCR) software so you can edit the documents or redact private information to protect your customers.

To get a free, no obligation quote today, fill out the form to the left, or give us a call at (202) 540-9073. We'll have quotes in your hands for your project within minutes.

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